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BBQ Food Catering

Your Malaysia BBQ Food Catering Specialist!

bbq-food-catering-01Planning on having the finest BBQ food catering services, Malaysia, for your house party, birthday parties, wedding, outdoor parties or corporate events? We provide the best catering services within Malaysia. More importantly, we provide Malaysia’s best BBQ catering services at wholesale prices.


Learn More About Our BBQ Food Catering

Your Malaysia BBQ Food Catering Specialist

We cater specially ordered packages to suit every need and taste. We will deliver to your venue anywhere in Malaysia, a wide variety of BBQ food and BBQ Sauces. Barbequed items include Chicken Wings, Sausages, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, Beef Chops, Prawns, Stingray fish fillets, Dory Fish Fillets and much more at a highly reasonable price.

Why BBQ Food?

The ideal BBQ packages are able to cater for every family function. We understand that being aware of your family’s barbequed food and preparing it by using the finest and safest possible food practices, will surely increase everybody’s enjoyment. So, go ahead and order from us right away!

We take great pride in our prized cooking. Our BBQ food items are made of premium quality meats. These are then served with rice, gravy, salads etc. We also offer an extensive menu that includes delicious appetizers, scrumptious seafood items, main course dishes, desserts and salads. All of these are hygienically prepared from the tastiest and freshest ingredients. These are then served with an incredible presentation.

BBQ Catering Services Offered By Us

We supply our BBQ products to numerous restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and hawker centers around Malaysia, as well as to selected few customers overseas. Additionally, we regularly offer on-site barbeque catering services and buffet catering services for various types of occasions. These include corporate functions, outdoor parties, wedding receptions and family celebrations.

Corporate catering for your company’s BBQ may be a huge hassle. You can enjoy an easy and quick way of organizing a BBQ for all of your company’s event. An affordable BBQ package will allow you the ease and convenience of having a BBQ party. These BBQ packages are sure to impress your guests.

Other Features, Functions And Advantages of BBQ Catering With Us

Convenient way of having both indoor and outdoor BBQ
Charcoal free and fuel efficient cooking
Quicker heating with less pollution
Reduced smoke emission ideal for indoors
Less oily or fatty food with low cholesterol
Safety ensured BBQ catering services
BBQ appliances with temperature control knobs and indicator lights for accurate flavors

BBQ Catering Services Wholesale

We not only provide the best food catering services but also offer event management services too. We will provide banquet tables, banquet chairs, decorations, canopies and much more. However, our key specialty remains focused greatly on food catering services. We have now grown and expanded in size to become one of Malaysia’s top caterers and an extremely popular choice for catering of Malaysian party delicacies.

bbq-food-catering-02Our key strategy for success is incredibly simple; each of our food item is meticulously made with fresh, healthy and choice ingredients. Several of the modern, traditional as well as aromatic barbequed family recipes are served with a range of complementary sauces.
Remember, ordering with us is easy and fast. So, call today!

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