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Chinese Food Catering

Fabulous Chinese Food Catering Services

chinese-food-catering-01We are a Chinese food caterer who deal with providing and serving food to a group of people at a designated place and time. We provide high quality and excellent Chinese food catering services within Malaysia. Our Chinese food catering services are customized to ensure that every customer we serve is satisfied by the quality of our food and also by the service. We thrive to live up to your expectations and needs, providing great tasting, well-balanced and healthy food.

We offer two main types of food catering services.

On premise catering

Here, the food is cooked, prepared and served in the same place or location of the event.

Off premise catering

Here, the food is prepared in a kitchen located in a separate venue, then packaged and transported to where it will be served.

Our food catering services include the following.

Tasty meals

We provide mouthwatering and wholesome meals that are well packed and are easy to serve. The meals are not only delicious, but they are healthy and meet high nutritional standards.

Food presentations

Other than tasty meals, we have great food presentation. Before presentation, we always consider the serving style, plate garnishes, the appearance of the served portions, and room arrangements.

Food delivery

Furthermore, we offer food delivery, which is dependent on your proximity. Prior arrangements are made to cater anywhere in Malaysia. In cases of off premise catering, we ensure that the food is safely and cleanly handled in the kitchen. Also, as it is being transported, the food is usually well packed (in portable warming units) to preserve heat. As for the cold foods, we use insulated coolers and refrigerated vehicles to make certain that the food arrives cold at the venue (e. ice cream). Furthermore, the packaging is done in such a way that there will be no spillage upon arrival.

Food stations and buffet set ups

Additionally, we offer food stations and buffet set ups. We do prior proper planning for the event in order to avoid traffic congestion during serving. This involves proper design of the buffet table in such a way that the flow of traffic is systematic. Moreover, we make the guests are comfortable.

Event management services

Besides food catering, we have event management services. Depending on the client’s need, we can provide banquet tables, banquet chairs, decorations, canopies etc.

chinese-food-catering-02We work with a team of well trained employees, plus expert and top notch chefs and nutritionists who prepare delicious Chinese cuisines. In addition they bring fresh ideas to the table. Consequently we have a diverse menu filled with fresh food concepts that have a variety of new flavors that will keep you coming for more. Our courteous and professional staff will provide you and your guests an outstanding food service experience, will be memorable.

We endeavor to gain prominence in the Chinese food catering service market in Malaysia. Our great services will leave a lasting impression on you because our goal is to strive to be your ideal choice in Chinese food catering in Malaysia. Our services are tailored to different clientele need and we guarantee to give you great value for your money. Contact us for more information.

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