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About Us

Retro Catering – The Best Ever!

Retro-Catering-logoFor all those who need a one stop catering shop in Malaysia then Retro catering is your one stop shop. Our company is fairly young have been started in March 2012. Our main aim when starting the company was to provide unique and high quality catering services. It has been growing rapidly since its inception and has already established itself as one of the top most catering companies in Malaysia. We offer our services to the residents of Malaysia as well as visitors who come to our beautiful country.

There are a couple of distinguishing features that we offer at Retro Catering which make us the best. They are listed below.


The cost of our dishes at Retro Catering is definitely within your reach. We never compromise on quality but at the same time we ensure that you get only the best. Measures have been put in place so as to maintain high quality dishes and to make the dishes affordable.

The Menu

Every dish appearing on the menu has been prepared carefully by our good chefs. We offer details on how we have prepared our dishes. You will also find that we have more than 100 dishes available and you will find what you want.

The Classification of Dishes

All the dishes have been classified according to the Malaysia Catering Concepts. Here you will find traditional Malaysian foods and some international foods. This will make the food selection process quite simple and you will easily choose the dishes that match your tastes.

Our Highly Experienced and Qualified Staff

Our staff at Retro Catering have been trained at some of the best training institutions in the country. This coupled with their experience in the industry makes them very good at their job. We also know that the customer deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and our hospitality is of the highest level and guests will definitely feel appreciated.

To enjoy the unique and wonderful catering services that Retro Catering offer, you should visit us.

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