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Halal Food Catering

Why We Offer the Best Halal Food Catering Services

halal-food-catering-01There are many people in Malaysia who adhere to the strict Halal rules when it comes to their cuisines. The Halal rules were created by the Islamic law which clearly states the foods that should never be consumed by Muslims. This is why we acknowledge these regulations as we offer world-class Halal food catering services to our clients. The reason why we are working with diverse Halal processes is to ensure that our customer are satisfied.


Know More About Our Halal Food Catering

We provide Muslims' needs

The thing that Muslims in Malaysia really need is Halal catering so that their daily dietary needs can be met. There are several dietary rules contained in the holy Qur’an which must be adhered to. This is the duty of every righteous Muslim to the Islamic faith and the holy book. There are several foods that you cannot find in the cuisines provided by us. This is mainly because they are the ones that have been listed in the Qur’an that they should never be consumed by members of the Islamic faith. This means that we will never serve any carrion or pork. In addition to that we will also not serve any meat that came from an animal that was not killed in the name of Allah. As caterers we value religious beliefs and will make sure that we adhere to all the regulations.

Every food stay fresh

We never serve any food that contains blood. When meat is being prepared we ensure that all the blood has been drained from it entirely. This is because as Muslims we consider blood to be harmful. Besides ensuring that the blood is eliminated completely we will also put every measure to ensure that the meat stays fresh for the longest period of time.

No alcoholic drink served

There will be no alcoholic drinks that will be served during the Halal food catering services that we offer. This is with regards to 5:90 of the Qur’an where it is stated that intoxicating substances are to be treated as harmful. We believe that the strong drinks are an infamy of Satan’s work. You can be assured that none of our foods will be prepared using alcoholic materials.

Professional techniques in handling animals

We always work with the proper techniques when handling animals that will be used in our cuisines. This is the reason why we always follow the Dhabiha process when slaughtering animals in the name of Allah. This means that are the animals are slashed deeply in the neck using a knife. This is done so that the pain that the animals feels is completely minimized. It is the most humane way of handling animals and maintaining the purity of the meat.

halal-food-catering-03We are always available to meet the needs that the members of the Islamic faith have when it comes to cuisines. It does not matter which part of Malaysia you are in since you can always enjoy our wonderful Halal food catering services. The knowledge and experience that we have acquired over the years is bound to leave you satisfied and wanting more. For more information and booking you can always contact us. We look forward to serving you.

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