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Nyonya Food Catering

Nyonya Food Catering: Why Malaysians Love Our Catering Service

nyonya-food-catering-01Welcome to the home of excellent Nyonya food catering service in Malaysia. Whether you need catering services for a few people in a small private event or you are planning to provide delicious Nyonya food for a large number of guests, we are ready and able to meet your needs.

Why Are We Rated as the Best Nyonya Food Catering Service Provider?

  • We are professionally trained caterers providing the best Nyonya food catering services in Malaysia.
  • We are always available to deliver high quality food catering services to meet your desired timing, location and taste.
  • We can provide a wide variety of Nyonya dishes. From popular chicken curry with nasi kunyit to assam prawn to balitong curry, we are specialists in providing mouth watering Nyonya food.
  • We work together with you to plan the event and ensure that it works out perfectly
  • You can count on us to deliver top-notch catering services for corporate, private, formal, semi-formal or informal events.
  • We can cater for virtually any number of guests – from a few people to thousands of guests. Our service delivery can be scaled up to meet the demands of all your events.
  • We even offer delivery only services and bring the food to your door step.

We Personally Cook With the Finest Organic Ingredients

  • We select the best organically grown ingredients for all your soups, sauces and dishes.
  • We make sure that we cook the food ourselves using the best locally sourced ingredients.
  • The food we deliver to you is cooked using the best practices in the food industry.
  • Your health is important to us and we make sure that our Nyonya food catering service promotes excellent health and well being.
  • We never compromise on quality.

Our Staff Are Truly Professional

  • Our cooks are well trained, competent and dedicated. They maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safe cooking.
  • All our other team members are very courteous, supportive and ever delighted to serve you and attend to your guests in a professional manner.
  • Our clients can testify to the efficiency and high sense of duty displayed by all our staff.
  • Our customer care employees are always available during our normal working hours to speak with you directly on the phone.

  • Why You Should Call Us for Your Nyonya Food Catering Today

Our ordering process is simple, efficient and convenient. You can call us right now using the phone number displayed on this webpage. Our representatives are available to answer your questions personally. If you need to contact us outside our normal working hours, please send us an email or fill the contact form on this webpage. We will respond in less than 24 hours.

nyonya-food-catering-02In fact, if you have an upcoming event and you want excellent Nyonya food catering services, you should pick up your phone and call immediately. We will help you to meet your requirements and stay within the boundaries of your financial budget. In addition to catering, we can also render services that will further contribute to the success of you event like event management and rental services.

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